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My name is Stephen Burns and you can read a little more about me here.

As an award winning estate agent for over 25 years I gathered an encyclopedic knowledge of every section of the property industry from buying, selling and renting to development, renovation, investment, marketing and the ever important funding.

Nowadays I head a specialist consultancy with an enviable team to rival all others covering literally anything property, not only at the sharp end but also in compliance, training and development.

My team and I provide an unparalleled, discreet and truly bespoke personal service.

With decades of true hands on experience together with a deep and thorough understanding of residential transactions we custom build specific services to help manage, maintain and develop your property business or assets, both here and overseas.

So, if you find yourself in the property market and wish to experience a level of service a mile apart from what you may have settled for in the past, why not call for a chat. It’ll be me answering the phone.

Real Estate Consultant