Can You Manage?

Can You Manage?

We know times are difficult. We also know every penny counts. That’s why we are offering a new Let Only service for our landlords and investors.


We also know that you may require professional assistance should things go wrong, so we don’t just take your money and run. We are there for you when you need us, you simply don’t pay for us when you don’t!

We really don’t see the need for arguing the toss over 8, 9, 10 per cent per month for what is no more than handing money over most of the time. It’s this simple. You pay us for finding and vetting your next tenant. We do all the legwork. We do all the legal bit. We do all the paperwork. Then it’s over to you.

YOU monitor YOUR money.

If you need us, most of our work or assistance is on our pre arranged menu pricing. That’s the price for a gas safety inspection. That’s the price for an arrears letter.

We obviously can’t price for unforeseen works, like how much to fix a boiler or a storm damaged roof, but on items like these we can supply reputable tradesmen who will issue full written quotations so the choice can be yours. We are aiming to make everything we do transparent. We think we’re getting there.

We can manage. Can you?