Secure by Burnsey

SECURE by Burnsey Safe Or Sorry?

So, you have now ¬†moved to your fabulous new home…

You’ve remembered to do the meter readings, ask for the local window cleaner and nodded to your new neighbour. But how many of us realise that the various keys to your new home are in the hands of previous vendors, agents, tradesmen, even left under the coconut matting!

Not very SECURE is it?

Well, we at Burnsey take your security and privacy very seriously. This is why we offer a security makeover.

We survey the property, change locks as required, supply adequate sets of keys for all family members and also check windows and outbuildings to ensure all meet current insurance requirements. We can also provide alarm code re-programming and servicing to maintain a truly safe and sound home.

So, whether you’ve just moved or simply looking to enhance your home security, give us a call.

Oh and it’ll cost peanuts by the way…

SECURE by Burnsey 0845 475 0745