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A Year In The Life…

Time just flies by these days! Today marks a YEAR since I pushed the launch button on

So, what’s happened over the last 12 months?

Sold a few. Rented a few. Formed some great relationships. Found out I’m going to be a grandad at 45 years old.

Just same old, same old really ;-)

It’s funny when I think back how nervous I was posting my very first BLOG


Thanks as always for your support.

No Viewings? Better Ring Us!

As Burnsey is an internet company we take great pride in the numbers of people who visit our virtual office.

Property is presented through ‘Portals’ which to you and I translate to Rightmove, Property Live etc.

We are issued statistics from the portals every month and despite many reports of agents being quiet, we are really pleased with our own results.

During the month just under 135,000 buyers looked at our properties for sale.

The most surprising perhaps was the constantly growing tenants looking for rental property. Almost 85,000 people looking to rent visited in July alone!

So, don’t listen to all the negative press, simply come to a positive agent.


Back With A Bang – Local Newspaper Advertising Works!

A few things have remained important to me throughout my estate agency career. One of those is the local newspaper The Bury Times.

Packed full of local news, it remains a great resource of information and help.

Although we are an internet based company, we couldn’t imagine operating without the local press and today our first advertisement went live.

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