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Landlords Urged To Use Energy Grants

UK private property landlords are actively working to improve the energy efficiency of their properties, according to the National Landlords Association’s latest survey.

Some 51% of landlords have made energy saving improvements to two of their rental properties and a further 12% of landlords have made improvements to five or more of their properties, it shows.

Energy grants, including Warm Front, the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) and Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP) are available until 31st December 2012. In light of this time restraint, the National Landlords Association us urging landlords to utilise this green funding whilst they can.

The current energy saving schemes will be replaced with new government initiatives; the Green Deal and ECO, which are due to launch in October 2012.

‘The private rented sector has a key role to play in ensuring Britain meets its energy targets and so it is important that we make use of the funding available. Furthermore, it is imperative that landlords future proof their properties and their investments,’ said David Salusbury, chairman of the National Landlords Association.

‘If landlords don’t act now, they may find their property cannot be legally let come 2018 under the new legislation. With money left in the pot for the existing schemes, it’s important that landlords and tenants alike take advantage of the funding whilst it’s still available. It’s free for landlords and saves tenants money on their energy bills’ he added.


Convert Your Loft?

One of the most overlooked areas of a home is the attic, or loft.

Often forgotten except to store old boxes and keepsakes, attics actually have a lot of potential when it comes to remodeling your home, creating more living space, and opening up the space you already have. Here’s some attic remodeling ideas, as well as some common challenges most attic remodels face.

When most people think of remodeling attic space, they often think of lofts or other simple renovations to the space. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, however. If you’re still in the planning process, here’s a list of some popular remodeling projects involving attic spaces to get your gears turning.

Vaulted Ceilings – Most people think extra living spaces when they consider remodeling attic space, but what about opening up living areas you already have? Transforming a neglected attic into vaulted ceilings for your living room or great room can change the entire feel of your home in one easy renovation.

More Windows – Besides creating more space indoors, opening up the attic to high ceilings also makes room for the addition of large windows to let more natural light into your home.

Extra Bedrooms – Provided your attic ceiling is tall enough, your attic can also be an excellent place to add extra bedrooms. Guest bedrooms and bedrooms for children and teens are particularly well suited to the smaller spaces that are common in attic remodels.

Playrooms – Playrooms for children are a perfect fit for attic remodeling. Attic playrooms provide a nice place for children to get away from adults and do their own thing, not to mention they are ideal for keeping toys and messes contained and out of sight.

Lofts and Office Space – Okay, we went here anyway. But only because lofts are a great use of attic space. They work great in conjunction with larger remodeling projects such as introducing vaulted ceilings into your home and can also add a little more flexibility to remodeling attic space since they don’t have the same code requirements that bedrooms do when it comes to access.

Some Things to Look out for with Attic Remodeling:

Attic remodeling is full of possibility, however you should keep in mind that there are some challenges when it comes to remodeling attic space. The first is ceiling height. Consider 5 feet to be the absolute minimum height for a useable space, and know that even that is pushing it. You’ll be hitting your head on a regular basis even if you do abide by this rule. Raising or modifying your roof is always an option, though the high costs of such a project can be prohibitive in the end. The second challenge you may run into is whether the floor of your attic can support a usable living space. It’s not unlikely that you might have to reinforce or replace the floor to safely accommodate living areas. Finally, keep in mind the approach. You’ll need a stairway to reach your new attic space, so it’s important that you plan space accordingly. Spiral staircases can save room, and if your attic remodel doesn’t include bedrooms, then ladders are also an option.

Consult with a Professional:

Whether you plan to do your remodel yourself or hire a contractor, it’s important that you have the space evaluated ahead of time so you know what you’re getting into. Attic floors and roof joists often play a large structural role in holding your home together, and your home’s infrastructure, including wiring, plumbing, and ductwork is often housed in your attic as well. Hiring an architect, contractor, or engineer to come in and do a preliminary evaluation of your attic space can help prepare you for the remodeling project to come, and let you know whether you attic is a good candidate for remodeling in the first place.


SECURE by Burnsey Safe Or Sorry?

So, you have now  moved to your fabulous new home…

You’ve remembered to do the meter readings, ask for the local window cleaner and nodded to your new neighbour. But how many of us realise that the various keys to your new home are in the hands of previous vendors, agents, tradesmen, even left under the coconut matting!

Not very SECURE is it?

Well, we at Burnsey take your security and privacy very seriously. This is why we offer a security makeover.

We survey the property, change locks as required, supply adequate sets of keys for all family members and also check windows and outbuildings to ensure all meet current insurance requirements. We can also provide alarm code re-programming and servicing to maintain a truly safe and sound home.

So, whether you’ve just moved or simply looking to enhance your home security, give us a call.

Oh and it’ll cost peanuts by the way…

SECURE by Burnsey 0845 475 0745


Useful New Blog Category Added

I’m asked time and time again to recommend tradesmen, so I’ve decided to begin a reference for all to see.

This section will provide details of trades people I have worked with over many years and those I know provide exemplary service.

From stopping a leaking tap to building a brand new house, we will know a man who can – so please, just ask.

In addition I will be placing a range of useful tips in this section so stay tuned.