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How About 40 Million Viewers Every Month!

We are the first to admit being sceptical in the past regarding the use of property portals as an effective way to market properties.

For any traditional estate agent who had been in the industry for some time, up until the millennium the one and only way to advertise properties was in the local press. Then along came the internet and my how it has changed! Very little press advertising is now used and instead there seems to have been a flurry in recent years of new property portals all able to display properties in the comfort of your own home.

When choosing which primary portal to use for Burnsey we were only interested in the biggest of course.

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Fancy Dinner On Us?


When we launched we decided we would not add any gimmicks to attract new clients, but just as a way of thanks we have chosen to reward anyone instructing us to sell their home before the end of November will receive a fully expensed evening meal for two at a top class restaurant in a town or city of your choice. No need to sell your house (which means you are probably paying for it yourself!) just let us have a go and we shall thank you accordingly.