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Property Conveyancing Terms Explained

Below is a list of some of the terms you might hear during a conveyancing transaction, with a brief explanation.

Agreement – Another word for Contract (see below).

Bankruptcy Search – A search made by us to check whether a buyer or a borrower has been, is or is about to be declared bankrupt. This search is always required by the mortgage lender.

Borrower – The person taking out a loan or mortgage on a property that they own, also known as the Mortgagor.

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Viewing A Property As A First Time Buyer

Buying a house will possibly be the most important financial decision you ever make.

Wherever you choose to buy a property, and whatever constraints you face in terms of budget, going for an extensive viewing and taking the time to think about the property is essential. The following tips for first time buyers could help you to choose the best property possible.

Go with someone else. Whether you choose a sensible friend or a parent, it is essential to go with someone else. As well as personal safety, this also allows an instant second opinion and someone you can bounce ideas off. Not only that, the person you take with you could spot things you miss, whether positive or negative.

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